When you need to communicate with a person who doesn't speak your language, you need a professional translator who understands both what everybody says and what they intended to say. My job is to make sure that people exchange not only words, but ideas. I am always happy to help people understand each other, establish partnerships, resolve misunderstandings, strengthen cooperation and smile to a good deal they have made.


From $20 per hour

The most frequently requested type of translation in my job. If you want to discuss something and have enough time to make sure that everybody understood everything, this is your choice.

I provide consecutive interpretation in many subject areas (academic, technical, legal). I specialize in business. 

In order to prepare, I will request that you provide me beforehand with all necessary materials, names of everyone involved, background information, handouts etc.

Some of the topics that I do not work with include chemistry, alcoholic beverages and zoology.


From $5 per 1000 characters (including spaces)

Another highly demanded type of translation. Sometimes you just need something translated in writing. I can provide a high quality technical, legal, literary, or medical translation.

While many other translators count words, I charge by characters, knowing that every comma matters. 


From $40 per hour (per interpreter)

Arguably the most difficult type of interpretation. It is used when you simply cannot afford making people wait for interpretation. Mostly used for large conferences, top level meetings, etc.

Keep in mind that this type of interpretation requires special equipment (soundproof booths, audio channel selectors, headsets, etc.) and at least two simultaneous interpreters.

Supporting materials must be provided beforehand, otherwise I may and probably will refuse the assignment, because quality matters a lot for me.

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