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Horizon 2020

Remember I told you about a place in Tomsk called the Boiling Point ? Every time I get invited there, there is something interesting going on there.

This time, Tomsk welcomed Richard Burger, Advisor on Research and Innovation, European Union Delegation to Russia, Matteo Sabini, Coach at the EU International Cooperation Service Center, and Pauline Döll, Attache for Innovation, Technology and Science at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Russia, with whom I have already worked .

I was invited as "interpreter on duty", e.g. to provide interpretation whenever necessary. Strange as it may seem, the wording was quite accurate, as Richard Burger happened to speak Russian really well. He told the audience about the EU grant program in research and innovation called Horizon 2020.

I was glad to hear that our scientists are welcome in various European scientific communities, joint research projects and laboratories. The grants in question were quite hefty, while the amount of paperwork to apply for them seemed quite reasonable to me.

As a result, I interpreted mostly for Pauline and Matteo.

Apart from that, the following day Pauline had meetings with the deputies of the Tomsk governor, which I interpreted at with great pleasure.

The discussions were constructive, mutually beneficial and friendly as always. Naturally, I will not disclose the specific content of these discussions.

A nice addition at the end of the first work day was the opportunity to visit the Point of gravity a museum of scientific fundamentals located in the same building.

If you have been to Exploratorium in San Francisco, then I can say that the Point of gravity is its reduced copy. If you haven't, then you should definitely visit the Point of gravity when in Tomsk. Here, you will see many exhibits that tellingly demonstrate the effects of various physical laws and phenomena. All these exhibits are interactive and provide brief descriptions with scientific information on a given phenomenon. It is a happy hunting ground for adults and kids alike. In my opinion, this is the way kids should get acquainted with science - in the form of a fun game.

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