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Cooperation continues

On December 4, I was once again happy to witness a rare, in my practice, example of sustainable cooperation between a Russian region and a foreign country.

Earlier I had already translated several meetings with Dutch specialists, and even with the ambassador of Holland in Russia, so it was especially pleasant to make sure that mutual assurances and plans were being implemented.

Today Yevgeniy Parshuto, the Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Region for construction and infrastructure, met with several Dutch specialists. They discussed the development of cooperation, specific Russian-Dutch projects in the Tomsk region and coordinated their positions on the progress achieved.

The Dutch side was represented by:

  • Maya van den Berg - coordinator of the Smart City Initiative, University of Twente;

  • Maarten van Steen, scientific director of CTIT (Center for Telematics and Information Technology), University of Twente;

  • Lisette van Gemert, Director of the Center for Research in E-Health and Welfare of the University of Twente;

  • Henk Boer, Professor, Department of Psychology, Health and Technology, University of Twente;

  • Hein Roelfsema - Associate Professor in International Business of the University of Utrecht, Director of the Netherlands Center for Entrepreneurship;

  • Jerke Verschoor, Director of Nuffic Neso in Russia.

As the time has shown, this meeting was far from the last, which is especially pleasant for me.

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