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Boiling point

What is missing in the modern world? Mutual understanding, ability to speak and listen to different people. The benefits of sharing ideas are obvious. It is particularly evident in the field of technology and business.

To my great pleasure, Tomsk has created a space specifically for that. The Boiling point will become a place that does everything possible so that people from different fields of business, education, science and technology could meet and discuss their ideas. Here they will be able to exchange experience, find business partners, talents, investors, establish other useful contacts.

I and my colleague Julia Tyurina were invited to provide simultaneous interpretation on November 29. The speakers were Nikolas Buchoud, President of the Grand Paris Alliance for Metropolitan Development, Director of the Research and Education Center for Urban and Regional Development of TSU and Adolfo Tanzi Neto, representative of the Brazilian research community GEASE.

Nicolas described the current approach to development in society in general and in urban policy, in particular.

Adolfo gave an example of research on how the design of school space affects the behavior and performance of students.

Now, once some time has passed, I can safely say that the Boiling Point works perfectly, fulfills its objective and unites people from diverse communities. This place has already become one of my favorite locations for translation.

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