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It is all about packaging

Admit it, we rarely think about the everyday household objects that surround us. But before the beginning of the nineteenth century the most commonly used packaging looked like this:

Then came tin cans for food products and cardboard boxes for other things. And now look around and try to find products that are sold in something other than polyethylene packaging. Polyethylene has changed our life. However, some products should be stored in metallized plastic packaging. The polyethylene film for it looks like this:

Most often, it is used to store chips, confectionery, many other things.

In the Tomsk region, the main producer of polyethylene is Tomskneftekhim and its Biaxplen T subsidiary, owned by SIBUR Corporation.

I was fortunate to participate in the installation of the metallizer at this plant. A metallizer is an industrial machine that applies a thin layer of metal to a polyethylene film. To install the metallizer, the representatives of the Italian manufacturer came to Tomsk. I was hired to work with them.

The working language was English, but I managed to find out that I am still able to communicate in Italian on everyday topics (I have not forgotten everything yet).

To my great surprise, Matteo Fava, Andrea Celetti, and Roberto Piovano worked very diligently, vigorously and with great enthusiasm. This was facilitated by the fact that we needed to take the extra heavy equipment from huge wooden boxes, to show it to the customs officers and bring it to the heated premises as soon as possible. It may sound simple, but in reality, it was like a real engineering operation. It was fun and very interesting. I even managed to pull some of the equipment together with the others.

By the end of the day, we successfully coped with the work. Beyond this, my help was no longer required, so I went home tired but happy.

Nowadays, when I see packed goods of local manufacturers on the shelves of city stores, I smile in my mind, because I know that there was my small contribution to this too.

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