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Interpreting for a delegation of Iranian companies

On August 10, Andrey Antonov, Deputy Governor on Economy and Arkadiy Eskin, President of the Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, met with the delegation of the Iranian oil company ICOFC and the large oilfield service company of Iran PPZ, who arrived in the Tomsk Region for a business visit.

I had the honor of interpreting at this meeting in the beautiful building of Reception House.

The visit of Iranian companies to Tomsk region became possible thanks to the partnership between Tomsk companies Oilteam and Gazinformplast with the Iranian side, which began in 2016.

Within the framework of the visit, Iranian guests will get acquainted with the potential of the Tomsk Region, visit the company Oilteam, Gazinformplast, the Special Economic Zone of Tomsk, and also meet with representatives of the Institute of Petroleum Chemistry, Tomsk innovation and manufacturing companies.

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