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A delegation from Taiwan visited Tomsk again

There are many events that I haven’t told you about. As the holidays are approaching, I am getting more free time. So it is the right time for some catching up.

On September 14-15, we welcomed a delegation from National Applied Research Laboratory of Taiwan. This association unites ten major research centers in Taiwan to achieve synergy.

I was happy to see professor Fu, who had visited Tomsk last year, and his colleagues, professor Wang and professor Cheng. They had meetings in major Tomsk universities and several scientific institutions.

The idea was to invite Tomsk scientists to collaborate, create Russian-Taiwanese research teams and work groups to exchange experience, create new technology and benefit from each other’s resources and facilities.

Members of the delegation have made several presentations and demonstrated how cooperation and proper coordination between research institutions can truly result in synergy, successful projects and new products.

I am thankful to our Taiwanese colleagues who were genuinely friendly and open, expressed their willingness to work together for mutual benefit. Working with them was a great time. Discussing and translating discussions about cutting edge technology was a lot of fun for me as well.

I hope that our scientists will make use of this opportunity.

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