• Sergey Solonskiy

Scouting locations for the European cinema festival

On September 11-12, I had the pleasure of interpreting for Luca Eszter Kadar, Head of Press and Information Section, Delegation of the European Union to the Russian Federation and her colleague Alexandra Nabokina, Senior Information and Communications Officer.

The two women arrived to Tomsk to scout proper locations for the coming European cinema festival. We have visited several cinemas, theaters and major venue locations to make sure that Tomsk has what it takes to organize and hold such an event.

Working with Alexandra and Luca was a very pleasant experience as they were professional, very friendly and displayed genuine desire to bring Russia and EU closer through art.

One of the most surprising locations we visited was the Museum of Science and Technology that had recently opened in Tomsk. It felt truly special for me as I had been closely involved with the project and interpreted at several meetings. Seeing it come to life was a very rewarding experience.

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