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How friendship leads to business

Today I was invited to interpret at the meeting of Andrey Antonov, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region on economy with Le Vien, General Director of PETROSETCO VUNG TAU, a part of Petrovietnam, the country’s largest petroleum company.

The challenging part was that prior to the meeting, Mr. Le Vien was to give a short interview to the local media. The difficulty was that I had no time to attune my ear to his pronunciation. Nevertheless, the interview went well and we proceeded to the meeting. Here everything was much easier. By this time, I have already adapted to our guest’s English, which was actually good, so the conversation went seamlessly.

It turned out that one of the Tomsk companies established friendly ties with a Vietnamese business, which later on lead to the fact that major Vietnamese companies got interested in the products and services provided by Tomsk companies and signed several contracts.

It was a great example of how friendship can lead to mutually beneficial business.

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