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Finswimming World Junior Championship 2017 in Tomsk

After almost two months of written translations, I had the honor of interpreting at the opening ceremony of Finswimming world junior championship 2017 in Tomsk and during the first day of competitions.

Young athletes from 25 countries came to Tomsk to compete in one of the best swimming pools in Russia. It is the largest international sport event in the history of Tomsk, and it was held very well.

The opening ceremony was spectacular and many high-class professionals were involved in making it happen.

I joined the Governor of the Tomsk Region, Sergey Zhvachkin and the President of CMAS Anna Arzhanova who delivered their speeches on stage, as well as my talented co-host Andrey Savenkov.

It was a great event, wonderful experience and a great way to spend some time away from computer.

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