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Siam Petroleum Conference

Today I got invited to interpret at a petroleum conference. My returning customer, Siam, a local petroleum company that offers well testing, field development services and manufactures special well testing equipment, sought my services again.

The initial plan had been to interpret during just one presentation, delivered by Mile Dragosavac, MSc, Leading specialist of Reservoir Engineering Department at “Serbia-2” project, but the organizers of the event changed their plans on the go and asked if I could provide shadowing (simultaneous interpretation for just one person in a low voice while sitting next to them).

I was happy to help, and agreed to stay for almost two hours. Normally this would not be possible for an interpreter to maintain concentration for so long, but we had a coffee break, so my brain got thoroughly fried but survived.

It was nice to refresh some petroleum vocabulary, attend a well-organized conference and get back to work after my long trip to the USA.

Special thanks to Olga Voronenko, who managed to provide all the necessary materials so that I could properly prepare for the job.

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