• Sergey Solonskiy

Russian Wild Crops for Australia and Singapore

Today I was invited to interpret at the meeting between high-ranking local government officials and business people from Australia and Singapore who visited the Tomsk Region to discuss business partnerships and cooperation around wild crops – berries, nuts, herbs and other natural ingredients that can be very good for one’s health. It turns out that several companies around the globe have teamed-up to make use of excellent local ingredients and manufacture various organic drinks and food supplements. To tell the truth, I was slightly concerned with the fact that I was to interpret a person from Australia. To my great surprise, the guests spoke perfect English. It was music to my ears and made my work so enjoyable that day. The guests themselves were incredibly nice, polite and professional. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Kristi Kimberley Cordelia Holden, Joseph John McGlennon and Tom Honl for visiting Tomsk and developing products in cooperation with Tomsk scientists and entrepreneurs. Special thanks to Tom, who even managed to find time to write a testimonial for my website. Deeply appreciated! After the meeting, we had a chance to taste some of the drinks containing beery juice and other natural ingredients. I must say that after two hours of consecutive interpretation my brain was slightly tired but the drink that is marketed as a pick-me-up for one’s brain actually made me feel better on the way home. And the taste was great too! As a person, who prefers natural things to artificial ones, I will keep an eye for these products to appear on the shelves of local stores.


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