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The Delegation of Happiness

Tomsk traveler and member of the Russian Geographical Society Evgeniy Kovalevskiy had visited the exotic Kingdom of Bhutan and contributed to the fact that the delegation from this country visited Russia for the first time.

With Russia, as with many other major countries, Bhutan has no diplomatic relations. The relations with other states would usually begin with someone's visit to the country and subsequent communication.

I happened to be involved in the first visit of a small delegation from Bhutan to the Tomsk region. I translated the meeting between Deputy Governor Sergey Ilyinykh and Dorji Penjore (Director, Center for Bhutan Studies and Gross National Happiness), Tshoki Zangmo (Expert on happiness, Center for Bhutan Studies and Gross National Happiness) and Damcho Rinzin (Deputy Minister of Tourism of Bhutan).

The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere without media representatives. As usual, pleasantries were exchanged. The guests invited Sergey Ilyin to come to Bhutan with a return visit someday.

What surprised me most, was the excellent English spoken by the guests. Many of those present at the meeting were of course interested in the indicator of Gross National Happiness (GNH), which reflects not so much the standard of living and available economic benefits as things that allow a person to feel that his life is full, vibrant, harmonious and joyful.

Ms. Zangmo noted that practically in all countries, experts care about the standard of living, and somehow forget about happiness.

It seems to me that we, too, should sometimes reflect on the growth of not only well-being, but also happiness. After all, a happy person makes others happy, while an unhappy one is dangerous to himself and others.

I wish all readers that their actions lead to an increase in the standard of living and happiness. At least the personal one. The Gross National one will follow.

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