• Sergey Solonskiy

On mushrooms and pine needles

Have you ever heard of chaga? What about polyprenols?

One of the best things about being a translator is that you learn new things all the time. I did hear about polyprenols, but chaga was a complete discovery to me.

It turned out, that birch trees that are so abundant in Russia can house a symbiotic mushroom called chaga. Chaga has very interesting medical properties. So much so, that it is now used in South Korea as a part of cancer treatment therapy. It also has a wide range of other health-related applications.

This is what I learned, preparing for an event that was bound to take place the next morning.

Polyprenols are interesting substances too, with great medical properties that are extracted from pine needles. I think I happen to know a country that has a lot of those.

It was great to know these things and get a job from ArtLife, a company that makes a wide range of products from natural components. My job was to interpret during the presentation for a delegation of Indian specialists and authorities.

That was definitely a very interesting day in my life. I wish you all good health.


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