• Sergey Solonskiy

UK - Russian Cooperation Is On Its Way

From time to time, you get to know people who are doing something very good. Every time that happens in my career, I am happy to share it with you dear visitors of my website (provided, of course, that there was no NDA to keep me silent).

Last Thursday I had a chance to assist John Lindfield as an interpreter. John Lindfield is the director of the Department of international trade, UK embassy in Moscow. Joined by his colleague Irina Bagryantseva, he visited Tomsk to meet selected people from the government, higher education, science and business. The thing is John and his colleagues are promoting cooperation between Russia and the United Kingdom. Yes, cooperation. Despite all odds and international turbulence.

It turned out that there are numerous mutually beneficial programs facilitating business and scientific connections. UK is happy to get investments into its economy and in return, it assists Russian companies so that they could enter one of most attractive markets in Europe.

I am always happy to learn about such initiatives and see Russian companies enter foreign markets while benefiting the target country as well. A clear example of a win-win situation. It always makes me happy.

It is also nice when our foreign colleagues go somewhere outside Moscow and St. Petersburg to discover cities like Tomsk where there is also life, and science and even business.

Another thing important to me is that both John and Irina turned out to be good human beings and true professionals. It was a pleasure to work with them and assist them in doing their work, if just for a day.

Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to Evgeniya Nefedova from the Tomsk Region Administration who was great support throughout the whole day and – as always – an impeccable organizer of such visits.


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