• Sergey Solonskiy

Interpreted at a Rafting-Forum

I have an interesting profession. Jobs can vary, but the profession is interesting.

Today I worked at a culture and sports event attended by rafters from 19 countries. Of course, I had to watch about three hours of rafting-related videos on YouTube and make sure I learned the new terminology, as I had known just slightly more than zero on the subject.

In the end, most of my job was on the stage where I interpreted the host and some officials, including the Governor of the Tomsk Region. After that, I was helping in various locations, as the cultural program was vast and I was moving from one group of people who wanted to talk to the foreigners to another. Luckily, I did not have to split myself into several pieces, because the event had a team of volunteer interpreters who did a great job.

Wonderful event, great weather, I got to know some nice people. A good day well spent.


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