• Sergey Solonskiy

The Secrets of Polyethylene

Some of you have been asking why there were no news on my website in the recent months.

It is simple: when I do written translations, I do not write about it on my website. The texts are quite interesting sometimes, but I am often bound by non-disclosure agreements, and sometimes the interest lies in specific translators’ stuff. Not all of my visitors are translators.

Anyway, after several months of written work, I came back “to the field”.

A local chemical plant Tomskneftekhim is carrying out a massive technological revamping project.

As usual, it has to do with imported equipment and foreign specialists invited for start-up, APCS, etc.

Therefore, I was invited.

A great opportunity to get to know a chemical facility. In course of my four years at petroleum companies, it is refining and processing that I never got to work with. At this plant, they process not oil but natural gas, but the idea is generally the same.

There used to be a long text here on how polyethylene is made, and about the people who do this interesting and useful job so that we could put our groceries into a plastic bag and not into a woven basket.

The company requested me to delete that text and photos, so I deleted it. I can understand them - the production of materials for plastic bags is an extremely top-secret thing in our country. Sarcasm.

So I will restrict myself to acknowledgements to the following people:

Sergey Liventsov – for being a good person and a real professional.

Harald Steinweg – for teaching me a thing about industrial refrigeration units.

Giacomo Bestetti – for his easygoing personality, deep knowledge of his job and a talent for explaining even very complex things in a very easy-to-understand way.

Irina Falkovich and Veronika Sivykh – for inviting me to work here.

My colleagues – Julia Tyurina, Anna Banzemir and Natalya Shelpakova – for genial company.

​​Matthias Juerschik, Rolf Grezny, Vener Mansurov and Ruslan Enikeev – for valuable experience and interesting conversations.

Dzhamshid Safin and Michael Moos – for teaching me a thing about interlocks and APCS.


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