• Sergey Solonskiy

Happy New Year!

My dear friends! I wish you to be strong in the new year. A strong person is usually kind. Angry people are weak inside. That's why they are so angry.

A strong person is capable of making decisions and owning the consequences. A strong person doesn't believe in fortune telling, fate and TV. A strong person sees the world with their own eyes and thinks with their own head.

A strong man is confident and calm. He is the master of himself and the situation. A strong woman is kind, balanced and happy. She can afford being weak, because she is strong.

Strong parents will bring up strong kids. Then and only then will we have a strong country. A strong country isn't trying to prove something to others. Instead, it gradually resolves its problems and improves the life of its people, i.e. the people themselves are improving their lives.

Also, strong people don't lie. They speak the truth openly and manage the consequences of this truth. It is very hard. But it is the only way to feel genuine happiness.

Be happy, be strong, be kind. Be a role model for your kids and younger siblings. May 2016 be better for you and your nearest and dearest thanks to your actions and efforts!

Happy New Year!

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