• Sergey Solonskiy

Oxford and The Eurasia Consortium Shared Their Experience With Tomsk

This world has many interesting trades apart from mine. Recently I had a chance to see another one. The job of the two men I worked with is to expand existing businesses to new markets and help commercialize new developments. Gareth Rogers and Stuart Kewley made a three days’ visit to Tomsk and had a series of meetings with the heads of the region, universities and the people of business.

Gareth made two presentations and shared his experience in managing intellectual property and contracts, related to the development of new pharmaceuticals. He also spoke about the development of 3D printing referring to the activities of Oxford spin-offs.

Stuard and Gareth also listened to a number of presentation and shared some valuable advice on the promotion of new products and technologies.

The people, who are in charge of technology development in the region would like to replicate the system that had been established in Oxford, which annually creates several spin-offs for its new developments.

All that being said, I still have this feeling that even if we replicate the British system, it still would not work the way it does in Oxford. Why? Because of the different mentality. It is not enough to simply formalize some documents and establish a few legal entities. To make it work, the scientists and their superiors must understand how it is done in the modern world and stop hampering themselves with their in-house disagreements. Learning that takes time. At least there is some movement in that direction.

By the nature of my profession, I observe many different people. I become more and more convinced that most of our country’s problems stem from inside people’s heads. And the more I see clever and open-minded people who are able of thinking independently, who improve about themselves and strive to make the life around better – in their families, in their block of flats, towns or regions – the closer we get to having normal quality of living in Russia.

I am grateful to those who organize such visits, take part in such presentations, share their experience and get new skills. Tomsk has such people. We can be proud of them.

I thank Gareth and Stuart for valuable advice, and their willingness to cooperate and generate profits by developing Russian companies.

Special thanks to Alyona Kardash, the photographer of TSU. Some of these photographs are her courtesy.


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