• Sergey Solonskiy

Interpreting for the Governor of the Tomsk Region and the Head of the Moscow Office of JGC Corporati

Yesterday I got a chance to work with a Japanese businessman, who visited Tomsk for a business meeting with the governor.

What did I know about the Japanese? I knew that, as a rule, they are good listeners, well-bred, educated, and reserved. All of that is true. At least, if we are talking about Mr. Tomonori Matsuzaki, the Director of the Moscow Office of JGC - a large Japanese engineering corporation.

No doubt, it is always a challenge to work with the Asians due to heavy accent. Luckily, I had an opportunity to listen to our guest before the official meeting took place, so I managed to tune my ear to the peculiarities of his pronunciation. To Mr. Matsuzaki's credit, I should say that he was perfectly aware of the fact that the accent might hinder communication, so he spoke in the most convenient for translation manner: short phrases without any unnecessary words. It is the case when the skill of speaking one's mind in a clear manner (regardless of the language) allows eliminating many communication barriers.

Sergey Zhvachkin, the governor of the Tomsk Region, told Mr. Matsuzaki and his colleague Ruslan Alekseenko, Business development manager, about the projects available in the Tomsk Region, that might be of interest for JGC Corporation.

One of the projects that could use the expertise of the Japanese corporation, benefit from its participation, and turn out to be mutually beneficial is the comprehensive solid waste management program. Such program has been in place in Tokyo for several years and keeps bringing tangible positive results.

I would like to hope that the visit will be the start of productive cooperation that would improve the quality of life for Tomsk residents. The residents of our capitol might find it interesting that should this solid waste management project prove successful in the Tomsk Region, it will be scaled up and implemented in Moscow.

I wish to express my gratitude to the Department of Regional and Foreign Affairs of the Tomsk Region Administration, namely to its head Alexey Stukanov, Elena Zorina and Evgeniya Nefyodova for excellent organisation of the event. I never stop admiring their professionalism. It is a true pleasure to work with all of you.


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