• Sergey Solonskiy

Russian-American Cooperation

Whatever you may say, no political circumstances can prevent people from establishing healthy and mutually beneficial relationships, and seeking opportunities for investment and development.

Today I had an excellent opportunity to take a break from translations - as interesting as those may be - and interpret for the delegation from the Embassy of the United States of America in Tomsk.

Miguel Hernández, Andrew Krause and Svetlana Kalatupova arrived to Tomsk to get to know the largest universities, the Special economic zone, and establish contacts with its residents to facilitate the partnership between Russian and American companies and scientists.

The members of the delegation turned out to be very nice people with a good sense of humor. They expressed their readiness to let American companies know that Tomsk can be an attractive place for investments and new developments, and that the companies should not restrict themselves to Moscow and St. Petersburg alone.

As Mr. Hernández noticed at the end of the visit, - "I disagree with Chekhov!" - referring to the infamous feedback of the Russian novelist about Tomsk.

I was immensely pleased to facilitate the establishment of mutually beneficial contacts between our countries, and see normal friendly relationships developing between sensible people.

I am very grateful to the Department for International and Regional Affairs of Tomsk Region and its head A. Stukanov and Evgeniya Nevyodova for excellent organization of the event.


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