• Sergey Solonskiy

Interpreting for the Finnish Delegation

Today I finished a 3-days' interpreting for the Finnish-Russian Working Group on Science and Technology.

I have always liked people who do serious job to develop trade and partnership, no matter the political environment.

I have even more respect to ethical high-ranking people with good manners and bright mind. Our guests were exactly like that.

In course of almost 13 years now that I work with foreigners, I have never worked with the Finns before. They surprised me with their great self-organization, professionalism, politeness and their Russian language skill.

We visited a hi-tech timber processing facility. We were shown how laminated flooring is produced. It is given incredible durability due to the alumina layer which is melt over the top of the wood right under the surface film. Once it is done, you can scratch this flooring with a metal tool or try your best to damage it with heels, but it will still serve you for over 15 years.

With a feeling of respect, the Finns noted that our timber processing facility was just like the ones they have in Finland. There are not many facilities in Russia that can boast of that (in my experience).

The delegation also visited the major universities of Tomsk and met high-ranking officials of the regional administration and the city hall who were in charge of industrial policy, higher education and innovations.

The visit was organized on the highest professional level. Largely this is due to the work of the Department for international and regional affairs of the Tomsk region. I am happy to extend my gratitude to Evgeniya Nefedova who has also provided all the available documentation that I needed to prepare for the visit, and helped with the interpretation.

For me the 3 days of the delegation's work in Tomsk flew by in an instant, and yet I managed to take some pictures in the process (mostly before and after various meetings).


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