• Sergey Solonskiy

The Work on the Science and Engineering Museum is Going Full Swing

It is a pleasure to help people understand one another. To do so for professionals, interesting, creative and intelligent people is a special pleasure. Helping them in doing the work which is important for thousands of people, that makes our world a better place is what I work for. My modest contribution to this life. In addition, the process is oftentimes very interesting!

It was one of these opportunities this Wednesday and Thursday. Stephen Richards, Head of Development for Paragon Creative Ltd., visited Tomsk to help create Science and Engineering Museum (more about that in the previous post). He is ready to tackle the challenge of fitting the future museum with interactive exhibits and develop the design for display areas as a prospective contractor.

Stephen turned out to be a remarkably interesting interlocutor. Over these two days, he learned a lot about Russia and unveiled a bit of the British soul - a deep character with excellent sense of humor.

In addition to discussing work topics, Stephen got to know a bit of Tomsk history by making a walking tour around the city with a very experienced guide - a staff member of Tomsk Regional History Museum.

We also visited the impressive Tomsk Botanical Garden and the Antique Books Museum of Tomsk State University.

The team that works on this project are experienced and dedicated professionals. I am certain that they can overcome all the obstacles and make this happen. The people of Tomsk will soon get a modern center, designed to encourage, develop and nurture the interest towards progress.

Shoutouts to the team of Tomsk Foreign and Regional Relations Department for their professionalism, hospitality and the important work they do daily for the benefit of all the residents of Tomsk Region.


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