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I am a professional translator, consecutive and simultaneous interpreter, offering my skills and services at reasonable prices to quality-focused clients. Contact me and see why my exceptional service sets me apart from the rest of the field.

At the request of the Department for International and Regional Relations, we have given a masterclass on Gouda cheese preparation in Tomsk.


During our four-day stay, Sergey Solonskiy guided us as a personal interpreter. Because Sergey had translated my lessons, he was well informed about my lesson content and he functioned with great expertise (also in the technical part). Sergey speaks English so clearly that it gave us the impression that he was speaking in our native Dutch.


On a possible next visit to Tomsk, we would very much like to use the services of Sergey again.

J.S. Groen

Teacher Food technology

Clusius College Alkmaar

The Netherlands


J.G. Veldstra

Management member

Stedelijk Dalton Alkmaar

The Netherlands



I have been doing translation and interpretation professionally since 2005.


I specialize in simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting for high-ranking officials in business, industry, hi-tech and applied science.

Among my clients are governors, high-ranking public officials, top management of large international companies and other amazing professionals who understand the importance of communication and see value in understanding.


I also have the experience of interpreting for a joint Russian-American team of cardiac surgeons during open heart surgeries.


For four years, I worked in international petroleum companies at various positions, ranging from interpreter/translator to the head of the protocol team and acting head of expatriates' assistance and corporate communication department.


I also have the experience of teaching simultaneous interpreting at university.

Graduated with honors from Tomsk Polytechnic University (Institute for International Education and Language Communication) with the major in translation and translation studies.



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